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2010 James Vincent Cabernet

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2010 James Vincent Cabernet


Vineyard Notes

The 2010 growing season had a wet spring followed by a late start and long, cool growing season.  These weather conditions pushed harvest back a couple of weeks.  The heat spike in late August and early September allowed our grapes to reach maturity in time for picking.  With the weather conditions cooler than normal, we trimmed more fruit than usual and were left with a slightly lower yield.  

Winemaking Style:

Our winemaker and the McGrail Family taste through all of our French oak barrels and pick our four favorite, to make our James Vincent Cabernet Sauvignon.  The French oak integrates beautifully with our Cabernet.

Small Lot:

Specializing in Cabernet Sauvignon from our Estate Vineyard, we take great pride in crafting our most prestigious Cabernet the James Vincent. 

The Wine:

The 2010 James Vincent was bottled on April 13th, 2013, unfiltered and then bottle aged for another 6 months before being released.  The garnet color catches your eye and the first aromas of this wine are sure to impress.  You will notice dark cherry, chocolate, cassis, and hints of clove.  The structure of this Cabernet is firm, yet balanced and the tannins linger just long enough.